The Road to Mastery series of music books and resources was created by a team of music teachers from Melbourne, Australia.

We created the series out of frustration with the lack of great options for young music students to learn using a fun and engaging curriculum built around modern teaching philosophies.

The series is specifically aimed at young students from 6-13 years old though the exercises and techniques will help any new musician.  The books are full of bright colourful characters who guide the students and provide inspiration and tips along the way.  All chapters end with a worksheet style test page to give students the chance to demonstrate the new skills and techniques.

The Crossover Songs

When writing the series, we wanted to give young students a chance to play together with their peers who are learning other instruments.  For this, we wrote a series of songs that appear in each of the books.  There are backing tracks available for these songs on this website.  The “crossover” songs as we call them give students learning out of any of our method books the chance to crossover and play with students learning out of any other Road to Mastery book.  The songs are written in contemporary pop styles and should prove to be a good challenge for young students as they work through the other course material.

From all the authors, we hope that you get as much enjoyment out of using the books as we did in writing them.